The advantages of dry ice cleaning

  • Save Costs – increase returns
  • No damage to the parts being cleaned
  • Avoidance of cleaning chemicals
  • Abrasion – NIL
  • No solvents
  • Short cleaning times
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Simultaneous disinfection
  • Clean treatment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for all equipment

It does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect!

Dry ice blasting is truly, and completely, environmentally friendly!


Cleaning Method Comparison



Listed below are some of the sectors where Dry Ice Cleaning is used


Aeronautic Delicate mechanical components cleaning for aeronautics
Automation Mounting machines, transfer, belt conveyors ( different types), carrier carts,
Automotive Moulds for car parabola headlights, cleaning of cars, motor, gears, combustion chambers. Cast iron and aluminium dies ( mono-block, heads, circles)
Chemistry Silos, containers, stocking reservoirs, chemical reactors,
Electric Electric transformers maintenance, inside electric board cleaning,
Environment Cleaning and sealing of Graffiti- Removing graffiti from walls, monuments conservative cleaning, removing chewinggum from pavements, dryclean of oce chairs and armchairs, prefabricated industrial workshop inside cleaning,
Food & Beverage Industry Food containers, stocking reservoirs, food belt conveyors, food moulds ( wafer, chocolates, cakes, etc.), metal strips for ovens ( biscuits, crackers), food packaging machine ( coffee, sauce, etc.), PET bottle moulds cleaning
Foundry Foundry “ shells” cleaning, foundry “core box” cleaning,
Hi – tech Cabin for anti-wearing layer application, gold-plating removing of quartz bell for epitaxial machines
Household article Moulds and lines for expanded insulator injection ( refrigerators)
Internal transport “dry-clean” of elevator carts
Maintenance Paint removing of signs and irremovable parts
Mechanic Tool machines, working centres, big fans
Motorcycle Moulds for fibreglass articles production ( safety helmet)
Naval Ship kitchen ventilation pipes cleaning
Marine Removing anti-vegetative paint from boats
Painting Airplane transporters, conveyors, liquid painting cabin, inside oven of plaint polymerisation, phosphorous- degreasing tunnel, manufactures paint-removing,
Petrol chemistry Decontamination of titanium coated reactors
Plastic Plastic extruder screws and filters , moulds for plastic articles,
Printing Printing press ( rotogravure and flexography), rollers for printing off set,
Railway Inside railway carriage cleaning, maintenance of train electrical driving system,
Rubber Tire moulds, moulds for robber articles production ( gaskets, sleeves, belts, silent block)
Transportation “dry-clean” of inside trucks and motor vehicles, containers cleaning


                   BEFORE CLEANING                              AFTER CLEANING